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Refresh Mental Health : Keys to Caring for it in 2022

Many thought that with the arrival of 2022 the coronavirus would disappear, it would leave our lives and we would return to normal.

But the truth is that, and although there are fewer and fewer restrictive measures and the first vaccines are already being applied in Colombia, the virus is still among us.

They say that life will never be the same again; The Covid-19 allowed us to think of new ways to celebrate birthdays, to exercise, to work …

For this reason, and regarding the importance of not letting our guard down these days and continuing with biosecurity measures, we share some maxims (easy and practical) to take care of your mental health.

3 Tips for Stress Resistance:: Relaxation

Let’s move! 🏃‍♀️

Mayo Clinic experts recommend exercising daily, as exercising naturally produces hormones that relieve stress and improve overall mental and physical health.

What kind of exercises? Now that outdoor activities are allowed, you have many more options. You can either walk, jog, ride a ‘bike’ or if you prefer to join a virtual class.

Sleep well 💤

Do you sleep few hours at night? Do you feel like you are not resting well and wake up in a bad mood?

Studies show that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep and that taking a short nap (up to 30 minutes) helps them to be alert again during the day.

It is also important to have good sleep hygiene, which basically consists of having good bedtime habits such as setting a schedule, avoiding computers or smartphones, eating a light dinner, among others.

Enjoy the benefits of being in the arms of Morpheus! (son of sleep)

Mental health and moments of ‘relax’ ☕

When was the last time you enjoyed a space alone or relaxation? Find little moments in the day that relax you.

Deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation are quick and easy ways to reduce stress. You can also read the pages of a good book or enjoy a walk! 📚

Build healthy relationships 👥

While social distancing remains a star self-care measure, stay in touch with your friends and family using the new platforms.

The way we relate to the world changed and led us to think of other ways to hold a labor meeting, celebrate a wedding or celebrate a birthday …

For Yina Gómez, psychologist, coach, and international speaker, it is important to promote healthy relationships, happy moments, and environments happy.

Check your interior and take care of your mental health 🍃

Read, watch documentaries, indulge in a new hobby … Whatever the activity, invest time in your personal and mental development.

Nurture your mind with lyrics, music, and new knowledge. The key is creativity and imagination!

Beware of excesses! ❎

Have you heard the phrase that says that time is a gift?

Well, according to information published on the official website of the World Health Organization, it is important to be aware and control the time you spend in front of the screen.

This includes watching television, playing video games, and of course, using social media.

Help others 🤝

In whatever way, seek to help others.

It does not necessarily have to be financially, but also emotional.

Listening to the other, giving good advice, teaching something in which he is good …

Establish and respect schedules ⏰

Is the day not enough for you?

Don’t have time for lunch and disconnect from work too late? ⏱️ Watch out!

Mental health is synonymous with balance.

Establish a schedule that allows you to separate family work and leisure time.

“The management of routines is of vital importance during confinement, since having adequate feeding times and pre-established activities reduce the feeling of anxiety and depression,” says Dr. Jeison Fabián Palacios, academic director of the UNICERVANTES psychology program.

An advice! Keep an agenda that allows you to organize and define priorities.

Externalize what you feel and take care of mental health 💚

When you feel like you need to talk, do so.

Express the situations that generate stress, anguish, frustration … with people who belong to your social circle.

If you don’t have the peace of mind to do it with someone, find an expert.

Now that you know how to take care of your mental health, we invite you to apply these keys for your well-being and that of your loved ones.

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