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When Should You Reach Out to Prospective Clients Directly?

Many independent contractors and service providers use broad strokes in their marketing, trying to grab the attention of a lot of people and praying that some of them would be inspired enough to really check out their services.

But in order to gain customers, you typically need to respond to their silent inquiry, “What’s in it for me?”

This may need more direct input from you and aid in building relationships with future customers. By getting to know them, you can greatly increase their likelihood of trying you out. If they give you a try and like you, this might be the start of their sticking with your company.

Direct contact can be used in a variety of ways to establish connections with potential clients. Here are some recommendations.

Customer Service Box for You

Pay close attention to those who get in touch with you personally and regard each one as a potential customer. Be nice and polite. Set a reminder for yourself or your assistant to get in touch with them again to see if they have any new queries after a week. This kind of follow-up will be remembered.

In person

Always keep business cards on you. Also, bring business cards. Make notes about your next steps on the reverse of the document. You can also use sticky notes and a pen to keep track of the person’s contact information and the contents of the information you promised to provide, like a special cheat sheet or handout. Position yourself as a problem solver at all times.

Even if you work from home and are only going out for a quick cappuccino, pay attention to how you look because you can meet prospects everywhere, including in line for coffee. There are frequently industry-related networking events if you live in a big city.

A schedule of live events is typically available through the neighborhood Chamber of Commerce. They are constantly seeking for intriguing speakers, so don’t be hesitant to give your time if you have a hot topic in your industry. In return, you’ll receive a ton of unrestricted publicity.

Trade exhibitions and conferences are excellent settings for networking with influential figures in your industry or niche. You (and your team) have the opportunity to attract walk-by traffic and raise your visibility even if you only rent a modest booth. Keep in mind that people only do business with individuals they like, so be genuine and friendly.

Using a phone

Some still choose the traditional telephone. Make sure you call them back promptly if they leave a message.

on social media

Pay attention to those who frequently like, comment, and share. If they are connected to you, you should be able to get in touch with them directly using Messenger or another method to let them know you’ve seen them, appreciate them following you, and would like to know if there’s any way you can be of assistance.

Email Promotion

Send helpful newsletters with discounts and the most recent information, such as details on new services you are introducing, once a month to nurture your email marketing lists.

Naturally, you must first get them on the list, so make sure to provide a free eCourse or eBook that addresses a problem that is typical in your area. You can encourage them to check out the landing page for the free item when you connect with them on social media.

Use these suggestions to personalize your approach to acquiring new clients, and you’ll discover that more people are eager to give you a go.

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