Tips To Be Positive

Find The Good In Everyday: 7 Tips To Be Positive

Being positive is the key to a successful life.

There are lots of talks that have been around about the power of the mind and the changes that a person can achieve in his life if he focuses his energy on achieving what he sets out to do.

Positive thinking is the primary key to a successful life, where the mind plays an elementary role and depends on the same person, although it is not the only variable.

According to a study by the American Journal of Epidemiology, optimistic people are 40% less likely to suffer a stroke or heart, so it is also key to health.

The mind has the ability to process the circumstances of life – good or bad – to transform them into situations that contribute to the growth and development of the individual.

In one way or another, positive thinking means choosing between the different possibilities that arise on a daily basis, looking for the best alternatives to meet the challenges. That is the best way to achieve them in a calm way and with a high probability of obtaining the best ones.

Experts indicate that positivism is a tool to break personal barriers, which can be explained in one sentence: “The question is not who is going to leave me; but who’s going to stop me ”, by Ayn Rand; It is to give life an “I am going to make it” approach since negativism is not part of successful people.

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Despite having an ingrained attitude in the way of being, people can promote optimism.

Different experts warn that habits should be included in the routine to learn how to find the good side of any situation.

  • Do not take things personally: There are different events that can hurt people’s self-esteem when they do not know how to handle it. For example, in the workplace, sometimes the feedback between work teams can be taken personally, which will create a subjective position about any action or comment as something negative although it is not.
  • Without criticism or complaints: People who usually live all the time criticizing and complaining about others, they can not meet their personal and work goals. Their condition of negativity makes them stay in mediocrity. The mind of the human being has the ability to change everything, you just need to propose it and become someone successful.
  • Mistakes should be a Learning: You cannot take every little mistake as a drama, ultimately you will lose your positive attitude. It should be assumed as teaching to achieve the proposed goals.
  • They build their days: Positive people don’t wait for a good day, they make it come true. You have to empower yourself and have an active position to understand yourself as a builder of your own life.
  • The past is past: What has happened in life, could it be a success or failure, is just a past. Positive people work to achieve goals and neither they have time to cry for what could have been, nor to boast of what they have achieved.
  • Ability to undo: Positive people are capable of ending what is unhealthy in their lives, they faithfully believe in their ability to end everything that is considered negative and that affects their life.
  • Give thanks always: Being kind, saying hello, and giving thanks are signs of a positive person. Understand that these simple actions change the attitude to their environment and to their life itself.


The singer Rodolfo Enrique Cabral, known as Facundo Cabral, is an insignia of the positive side that a human being can be; a lover of nature. He was considered a philosopher and also a great human being.

The lyrics of his songs, where he reflected his thoughts, are the clearest proof of the love that he always professed for life.

Despite having had a difficult childhood and youth, he perfectly applied the commandments of successful and positive people.

To him, the circumstances of life tried to put an end to the spirituality that dominated and put tests such as- the death of his daughter and his wife in a terrible traffic accident.

Given the magnitude of that tragedy, Facundo did not stop believing, he lived through complicated moments but in the end the positivism that had characterized him prevailed. He channeled the energy and through the song, directed his mind to continue over the obstacles that life put him.

Singing in favor of social causes, promoting peace initiatives, and his deep belief in the human being could be better, immortalized him internally.

Hundreds of stories have been told about his life, which makes him a legend.

A milestone that ended on July 9, 2011, when he was assassinated in Guatemala in an apparent attack, directed by a businessman who accompanied him.

Until the last moment, fate did not want to smile at him, could not take away the optimism that always characterized him.

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