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How to Find Pictures of Someone You Know Online?

What if you could find out what your favorite celebrity is doing right now? What if you could see a picture of someone from high school, or old friend that you haven’t seen in years?

The internet has made this possible. All it takes is some research and know-how! This blog post will show how to find pictures of people online by using social media profiles, dating sites, as well as other search engines.

I am going to share with you the best ways I have found on how to find pictures of someone online. These are tried and true methods that have done well for me when I was looking for my own photos.

They may also come in handy if your child has lost their phone or computer and needs help finding themselves again. Keep reading! 🙂

Find Pictures Online: A Step by Step Guide

  • Google Image Search
  • TinEye (has the ability to search for an image on a webpage or social media site)
  • Use social media profiles
  • Use dating sites
  • Search Engines: When searching through search engines like Google Images there’s no telling what you will find. You can use filters so that your searches only show what you want them too – whether it be by date posted, relevance or image size. Many times when using keywords with modifiers such as “images” or “pictures” you will find what you are looking for.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (all three contain profile pictures) – LinkedIn – search for the person by name and click “people” in the menu on the left side of your screen. Then scroll down until you see their photo and click it!
  • Look for old classmates from high school on alumni websites and reunion pages online
  • Check out their personal website or blog (if they happen to have one!)
  • See where else you can find them by using different search engines – try Yahoo Image Search, Bing Image Search.

Advanced Strategies on Tracking Pictures Online

  • Pinterest Pins with images of your person in them! The possibilities are endless. Search using keywords such as “images,” or “photos.” You might be able to locate some old classmates from high school that live nearby and want to reconnect on this social media platform. There may even be opportunities for dating these people through connecting over shared interests or similar life experiences discussed in their “About Me” section.
  • Dating sites: If someone is on a dating site then they might have their picture available in the public domain. Searching these websites can give you access to thousands of profile pics and images from all around the world!
  • The dark web is not accessible through traditional browsers because it utilizes onion routing technology that hides its origins. However, if someone has provided access then all bets are off! You will have to use some type of Tor browser which allows users to access websites hosted anonymously on the network’s “hidden services.” One popular example would be Facebook Marketplace where sellers put up items for sale, and buyers can purchase them using Bitcoin.

While this article has provided a lot of information, it doesn’t cover every possible way to find people online. The internet is always changing and growing so if you’re interested in learning more about finding pictures of someone from the past or present, keep an eye on our blog for new posts that will be published soon! Read more on technological advancement.

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