9 reasons to drink water while breastfeeding(Guide to Mom)๐Ÿคฑ๐Ÿ’—

Lactation is a natural process where breast milk is produced in order to feed the baby. It requires an adequate intake of fluids, which explains why breastfeeding mothers should drink enough water while breastfeeding. For those unaware, the motherโ€™s body needs to stay hydrated and healthy to produce sufficient breastmilk for her child. Unfortunately, breastfeeding … Read more

Green API: Embedding Sustainability into your Enterprise Apps (Advanced guide-2021)

The importance of green API has never been greater. In a world where everything is becoming connected, and devices are designed to work with other systems and services, the API is the key to getting things done. In order to create more sustainable processes and products, it is essential to learn how you can integrate … Read more

Complementary breastfeeding to babies and IYCF (Actionable Guide)

Complementary breastfeeding to babies plays a significant role in both infant and mother’s physical well-being and IYCF is the updated breastfeeding strategy for infants’ healthy growth. Do you know that it is essential to keep infants’ nutrients, and proper nutritional attributes may reduce the likelihood of child disability? Yes, you are reading it correctly. Your … Read more